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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting StartupBay. Your use of this website and our mobile application is governed by the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. The management reserves the right to change, modify, include or delete any of the terms.

StartupBay is a private platform for startups to crate their profiles, which is accessible to multiple investors, mentors , accelerators, incubators, consultants, individual contributors and members of StartupBay Community. On a selective basis, StartupBay may create a story, scorecard , product representations and other parameters of performance metrics for the startups based on the inputs provided by them . For this, the StartupBay team may suitably curate the inputs provided by the startups or call or meet the startup to get additional information as and when necessary. The details given by the startup will be a subjective perspective of the StartupBay team, and the startup may or may not agree with the representation.

If a startup shares a story , performance chart or any other relevant details, it will be available for registered investors, mentors , accelerators, incubators , consultants or members of the StartupBay community to review, even if the startup does not agree with representation. The startup however has the option of reaching out to the StartupBay team , and if the entrepreneur or startup chooses to change , the profile will be modified accordingly , however within the framework of StartupBay norms and regulations.

Users of this website may register and choose their ask or contribution to the community as startups, investors, mentors, consultants , advisors , consumers, cofounders , individuals , or community members .

1. Startups are entrepreneurs seeking to apply for assistance, funding, mentorship, consulting , sharing of their stories , seeking cofounders or promote, buy / sell their products , services or entire or part business to individuals in the community

2. All startups that create profiles on this website are responsible for presenting honest and accurate information StartupBay will not be held accountable for any false representations made by startup owners.

3. Investors, accelerators, incubators, mentors , consultants, advisors, cofounders or community members are individuals or organisations seeking to provide support or investment to startups registered on this site or to buy products , services offered by the startups.

4. All investors, accelerators, incubators, mentors , consultants, advisors, cofounders or community members are responsible for presenting honest and accurate information and are required to fill in the StartupBay registration form . StartupBay will not be held accountable for any false representations made by any of these individuals or organisations.

5. Based on the seekers ask and the enablers contribution there will be certain actions which will require approvals by the StartupBay administrators and any such updations will only be done post approvals done by the StartupBay administrators. StartupBay has the sole right to approve or reject any application or content within the profile or application.

Use of StartupBay does not in any way promise assurance of any type of investment, mentorship, services , product deliveries, consulting , mergers , acquisitions or acceptance into accelerator or incubator programs of any nature. StartupBay is not obligated to introduce startups to any investors, accelerators, incubators, or mentors and can decide the introductions only and only on the basis of merit and judgement of StartupBay team and management . StartupBay is not responsible for doing diligence on the parties users meet through StartupBay the users are. StartupBay is not responsible for verifying that that any potential investor is accredited or otherwise authorized or appropriate to invest in startups the startups are. StartupBay is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of the products promoted by the startups and the terms and conditions of the sale , purchase of these products and their deliveries and payment terms the startups , sellers and buyers are. StartupBay is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of the mentors , consultants , cofounders , startups , entrepreneurs and other individual contributors on the platform and is also not responsible for the quality of goods , services , support provided by them - the startups and the users or enablers are The StartupBay presented story and details of the startups is a subjective independent understanding and representation of the strength of a startups business case, as perceived by the StartupBay team. StartupBay is an independent actor and may not make any investments in any of the startups registered on the site. This story and other represented details are merely our take on the business based on the information presented by the startups. StartupBay is not accountable for any false information provided in the startup profiles, and profiles of other users of the platform or for any issues pertaining to or resulting from investments , buying or selling of startups , buying or selling of products and or providing support services like consulting , mentoring etc. Any investments resulting from the StartupBay platform are made at the sole discretion of the investor and startup and we recommend that both parties seek independent advice and research before making decisions. Any user buying products from the startups or sellers do so at their discretion and StartupBay is not responsible for the quality and any assurance of the product and delivery of the products. Users can review their experience on the site as an independent review subject to norms on the quality of the content in reviews as set by StartupBay. In event of a successful investment made , both parties agree to the terms and conditions on the engagement and success fees or any other commercial terms as defined by StartupBay. Neither parties , startups or the investors shall circumvent and that any such circumvention may be termed as defaulting on commercial and other terms by the parties . On successful fulfilment of products delivered to the buyers , the buyers agree to abide by the terms and conditions as specified by the sellers and the sellers agree to the commercial terms specified with both buyers and StartupBay. StartupBay does not promise to maintain the confidentiality of information users disclose to other users on our site. All parties acknowledge that StartupBay is a private platform and information contained within is directly available only to registered users, in its required format and fields. Information confidentiality , security and sharing conditions will be subject to our privacy policy. Startups acknowledge that the information presented in their profiles will be accessible by all investors, accelerators, incubators, mentors and other users registered on StartupBay upto the fields and parameters as defined and as per access granted by StartupBay. Likewise, investors, accelerators, incubators, and mentors acknowledge that their profiles will be visible to all registered users upto the fields and parameters as defined and as per access granted by StartupBay StartupBay works on best effort basis and in no way responsible or accountable or responsible for guaranteeing success in the purpose for which users come to this platform. By using this website and App all users agree to the terms listed herein.

For any questions or comments on terms and conditions, please mail us at -

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