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Why curated deal flow remains a big headache for investors and what we can do about it

April 6, 2022

Early capital is the most important pool of money for a startup business and acts as a launchpad, taking the company to new heights. 
However, for any early-stage investor while this opportunity comes with some astonishing rewards it is also embedded with massive risks. There are many things that can go amiss while making an early-stage investment, leading to an imbalance in the reward – a risk equation. 
Factors like misjudgment, bad advice, lack of industry experience, a mismatch in expectations, the fear of missing out, faulty business models, unrealistic moon shots and peer pressure simply multiply the risk and add to this imbalance.

StartupBay Launches JumpStart - a 6 week investor readiness program for the young entrepreneur

April 11, 2022

From building an in-depth business & financial model to training the founder to pitch in front of investors everything is taken care of under high expertise. Walk out of the program with a certified investor readiness scorecard that'll open numerous opportunities for your start-up.

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