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Scaleup Programs

Global Market Entry and Acceleration


The global market entry and acceleration (GMEA) program aims to provide startups with a systematic approach to entering international markets, leveraging resources, mentorship, and networks to maximize their chances of success and growth.


The GMEA program is currently offered to startup businesses that are looking to start or expand their business in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. 

A structured program to grow your business globally

GMEA Roadmap.png

StartupBay Enterprise Accelerator (SEA)

Large enterprises need a way to synergise their expertise and resources with external innovation to drive exponential growth  and insulate themselves from the risk of being left out. Startupbay Enterprise Accelerator program enables enterprises boost their innovation programs by leveraging our portfolio of best global startups that come with a flow of ideas, agility, risk taking ability and a zeal to scale rapidly. This program brings to corporates a highly curated deal flow, knowledge as a service, medium to long term acquisition opportunity and cost de-risking.

Independent Knowhow

Opportunity Flow

Network Effect

De-risked Innovation

Curated Deals

Secure IP Acquisition

On Demand Infrastructure

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