Pre-Accelerator Programs

Are you ready to take your idea to the next level? Our Pre-accelerator programs are designed to help the early stage founders to acquire the necessary skills and tools to be investment ready. The programs will help you not only build your investor approach but enable you with tools to succeed in raising your next investment round.

Similing Team

Startup Lite


Startup Course

Get Investor Ready before you make your pitch

Acquire skills and tools to double your valuation

Choose a Pre-accelerator program suitable for you

  • Startup Lite

    Just before you go for your investor pitch
    Valid for one month
    • Pre Program Assessment - Score Card
    • Pitch Deck
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Pitch Delivery Skills
    • Pitch Practice
    • Post Program Assessment - Score Card
    • Quick Investor Readiness Program
  • HyperAccelerator

    2x your startups valuation before you raise the next round
    Valid for 4 months
    • Expert coaching over 100 days
    • Startup Canvas
    • Proposition and Market Assessment
    • Financial Model
    • Execution Model
    • Comprehensive Investor Readiness Program
    • Prices subject to 94% Grants * (Apply Today)
    • $25 K worth of Partner Benefits
Female Developers

Accelerator Programs

Built to Scale

Creative Working

StartupBay Studio

At StartupBay Studio our goal is to build and scale your venture with a single objective of making your startup succeed to become the next unicorn. Be it technology, business or markets, in this 120-180 days program subject matter experts, mentors and professionals in your sector from across the globe will help you nail down the problem statement, conduct user study, customer market validation, research addressable market, help build financial and business models, customer adoption plan, go to market plan, a winnable product and build a long term exit strategy for the company. 

Founder Weekends

4 mentor sessions / month

User Study and Validation

Research and GTM Strategy

Business & Financial Model

Investor Deck & Pitchdays

Winnable Product *

Support Group

StartupBay UniClub

UniClub is an exclusive destination where highly curated startups from across technology spaces meet the most strategic investors with an aim to team up and build the next big thing. This program is aimed to help our cohort startups access capital from seed through series A and beyond. While the program accelerates growth of our previous cohort participants, this is also an invitation based program for some of the heavy hitters once they go through our unique curation methodology.  In this program most coveted Investors and top CEOs with expertise and experience globally work with the startup founders and often become your advisors or board members to scale up business, investment and exit strategy, and help you to take your startup global. 

CEO Mentoring

Global Soft Landing

Investment Planning

Investor Due Diligence

Scaleup & Exit Strategy

VC Connects

The Next Series


StartupBay Corporate Ventures

Corporate enterprises need a way to synergise their expertise and resources with external innovation to drive exponential growth  and insulate themselves from the risk of being left out. Startupbay Corporate Ventures program enables enterprises boost their innovation programs by leveraging our portfolio of best global startups that come with a flow of ideas, agility, risk taking ability and a zeal to scale rapidly. This program brings to corporates a highly curated deal flow, knowledge as a service, medium to long term acquisition opportunity and cost de-risking.

Independent Knowhow

Opportunity Flow

Network Effect

De-risked Innovation

Curated Deals

Secure IP Acquisition

On Demand Infrastructure